Performance Psychology Consultancy - Learn to improve - Martin Langagergaard

Learntoimprove works with Performance Psychology in elitesports, specialforces and other specialist culture


We apply performance psychology quality concepts in elitesport, specialforces and other specialist culture.

We deliver applied work to elite athletes, coaches, managers and sport teams, counter terrorism units and special operation forces and with experts and high performers in cooperate companies.

Learntoimprove aims to install performance psychology to secure that organizations, teams and individuals - leaders as well as operators and athletes - has the best possible psychological conditions to perform optimally when it matters most.

We educate and prepare leaders to cope with the demands of being leaders.

We have more than 20 years of experience working in elite and expert environments at highest national and international level.


We work with Leaders, Head of organizations, Elite coaches, Commanders, National coaches, Head of Training, Managers, Instructors, Operational Commanders, Elite athletes, Operators, Teams and Organizations.


Performance Psychology is crucial because it contributes to the individual, team and organization’s competencies, quality and capabilities in terms of everyday life and in terms of optimizing, quality, resistance and sustainability through the performance process.

Performance Psychology – Handbook for Nordic Counter Terrorism Units [2017]

A necessary performance psychological contribution to Nordic CTU’s approach to training, operations and cooperation. The aim is for the handbook to be a simple and accessible resource for operators, reflecting practice, experience and theoretical references, and to be as application-oriented as possible. 

Author: Martin Langagergaard