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Martin Langagergaard
Senior Consultant and Partner

Martin Langagergaard has more than 20 years of experience working as an advisor, consultant and coach at a national and international level in the fields of elite sports, counter terrorism units and special operation forces. His field of expertise is performance psychology advising and concept development.

Martin holds a MSc. in Physical Education and Psychology from the University of Southern Denmark / Aalborg University. NEO-pi-3 Certification. JTI & MBTI Certification. Ph.D. Course: Qualitative Methods, Professor Steinar Kvale, University of Aarhus.

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Lotte Langagergaard
CEO and Partner

Lotte Langagergaard has more than 15 years of experience in working as an advisor and consultant in both elite sports and public organizations. Her field of expertise is selection of leaders and communication & leadership in performance environments.

Lotte holds a Master of Arts in Communication, Leadership and Organizational Development from Aalborg University and a certification in Extended DISC.

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Selected tasks and customers:

Elite Sport:

League Managers Association, LMA (UK). FC Copenhagen (DK). Norges Fotballforbund, NFF, Herre A-lag (N). Aalborg BK (DK). Lucas Bjerregaard (golf). AFC Ajax Amsterdam (NL). Rosenborg BK (NO). Molde FK (NO). Danish Golf Federation. Daniel Bachman Andersen (Blue Hors, DK). Aalborg Håndbold (DK). TTH Holstebro (DK). Handball European Mastercoach Education. Randers HK (DK). Danish Track & Field Association. 


Special Forces: Counter Terrorism Units:
AKS (DK). DELTA (NO). NI (SW). Karhu (FI). Viking (IS). DSI (NL). Danish Land Special Operation Forces (DK).



Crisis24 (IRL). Danske Commodities. Molslinjen. Pressalit.